What our Customers say...


Our brand new carpets were soaked due to a water issue we had at our home. SERVPRO was prompt, thorough and professional! 

I'd never been through a fire before, and the folks at SERVPRO helped navigate me through waters I had never anticipated I would have to sail in! Thanks so much to all of you! 

What a fantastic company! Not only were they on time, but they were professional and extremely helpful to me during a very difficult time. 

We had never had a storm that bad roll though our neighborhood. We lost our barn and had a tree fall on our roof. No one was hurt, thankfully, but there was so much work to be done! SERVPRO helped us get everything done! We couldn't have done it without them! 

Storms hit our neighborhood pretty bad. We were fortunate that we didn't lose our home, but the damage was extensive and we needed help figuring out what we needed to do. SERVPRO was helpful and did amazing work. We couldn't be more pleased! 

We are so glad we called SERVPRO! Not only did they fulfill their process for getting things back to like they never happened, they also made us feel at ease while they did it! We appreciate it!! 

When we found mold in the bathroom I was scared. We have a 3 year old and I have always heard about mold, but have never had it in my home. SERVPRO walked us through the process and got rid of the mold. Thanks so much!!

When fire hit our house, we were upset, but not as much for the structure as for the priceless items we own that had been handed down. Not only did SERVPRO get us on track to get the structure back to the way it was, they were able to salvage many of our possessions that money would not replace. 

SERVPRO's service was amazing. They were thorough and got our business up and running in no time. We are so glad we called them and will again if it is ever needed. 

When our business was hit with water damage, I thought we would have to close down for a very long time. Not with SERVPRO! They were attentive and on task the entire time and got us back up in running in days instead of weeks. Thank you SERVPRO! I would not hesitate for a second in recommending them to anyone in my network. 

Great work gentlemen! The carpets look as good as the day we bought them and had them installed. 5 stars and we will be recommending! 

We were so pleased with the results of our businesses carpets being cleaned! the professionals at SERVPRO were on time, took our needs into consideration and were polite from beginning to end. Thank you so much for your diligence! We will definitely be calling back in the future! 

The folks at SERVPRO were efficient and very thorough. I didn't enjoy the process, but that wasn't there fault...they made it much more tolerable, and for that I am grateful! 

When fire hit SERVPRO was there for us! We needed someone to help us through a situation that my husband and I had never been through and we picked the right people! Thank you SERVPRO! 

It is great when you come across a company that not only says something but follows thorough and does it! SERVPRO is that company! When we needed them they said they would help, gave us a time and walked us though the process. They followed through when we needed them the most! 

Rain hit us hard at our new home...so hard in fact that it came inside! We were still getting settle when all of this happened and were so grateful to SERVPRO for all they did to help get the water our of our home so that we could get back to our lives! 

When the wind destroyed our roof, we were in desperate need to get it fixed as soon as possible! The people at SERVPRO guided us through each and every step and help to get us back to normal! 

When a storm hit our home SERVPRO was there to get us back to normal! We are so grateful for all that they did to help us in our time of need! We will not hesitate to call them again should the need arise! 

When we called after sustaining water damage in our building, the folks at SERVPRO were amazing. They treated our emergency as their emergency, and helped us get back up in running in no time. We are so grateful for the folks at SERVPRO and all that did to help us and our business! 

My business only had to be down 1 day thanks to the awesome folks at SERVPRO! It could have been a lot worse, but with these guys it ended up being just a minor blip on the 2018 radar! 

I would highly recommend SERVPRO! Phil and all of his people were simply fantastic. Not only did they get the job done quickly, they got it done right! Kudos!

What an amazing team at SERVPRO! Not only did they do a fantastic job getting my house back to normal, they were very assuring and knowledgeable as I navigated waters I have never navigated before! Thanks so much to everyone!

It is scary to think now about what could have been...thankfully me and my entire family is safe, and the house that was destroyed can be rebuilt. Thanks so much to the professionals at SERVPRO for helping us get back on our feet again! We couldn't have done it without you! 

The fire at my home was devastating, but it was amazing having the professionals at SERVPRO there to guide me through the process. Thanks so much to all of the folks at SERVPRO for helping me get through this awful situation! 

I was impressed with the quality and customer service that I received from the technicians at SERVPRO. Not only were they thorough, they were efficient and I was back to normal with my business in no time! 

Keep doing what you're doing! We are very pleased and will call in the future should we ever need help again! Not only was the service amazing but the tech's were nice as well!

I was so impressed at how promptly a crew was able to start mitigation services. It was comforting to know that my house was getting taken care of. 

My carpets are amazing! The crew at SERVPRO was professional and incredibly efficient! I will definitely call them again when my carpets need to be cleaned!

I highly recommend SERVPRO and I am more than satisfied with the service! Thanks!

"The SERVPRO office staff was courteous, polite, and helpful throughout the duration of the job."

"Overall, I am satisfied with the work that SERVPRO of Kosciusko & Noble Counties did, and I would recommend them to my friends (and) or family."

"The SERVPRO of Kosciusko & Noble Counties on-site workers clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process throughout the duration of the job."

"SERVPRO came out to our house to clean up water damage from a burst pipe. I called at 6pm and they said they could make out that night if we wanted them to be. We opted for the next morning because we have two small kids. They showed up during their 2 hour window which I appreciated because a lot of companies don't. They were also familiar with our insurance company and assured me that it was easy and painless. It took 3 days for our dryout. They came back after 24 hours to make sure the fans were working properly and that it was on track. On the third day they came back and it was dry!! Very friendly and professional staff and would recommend to anyone! I even had to call at night to ask a question and Amanda was so nice and answered my question happily! Definitely 5 stars all the way!"

"SERVPRO responded after the washer hookup popped out of the drain. Some flooring will still need to be replaced (laminate) but the house smells clean again and no other obvious signs of the mistake!"

I would use SERVPRO again for future cleaning and/or restoration needs. I was extremely happy with the work done and would recommend them to friends and family alike. 

I would recommend the SERVPRO Franchise to my friends, family and colleagues. What a great organization! They provided quality work and were very knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all you did! 

I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO Franchise's on-site personnel who performed the services at my home.

I was very impressed by the SERVPRO Franchise's on-site personnel that were at my house.

Overall, I am satisfied with the work that SERVPRO did, and I would recommend them to my friends or family.

I just wanted to thank SERVPRO of Kosciusko and Noble County for the great job they did for us. We had a water heater leak on a Sunday, and the guys at SERVPRO came within two hours of our call. They eliminated the water in the carpet and placed eleven fans and two dehumidifiers. They left the equipment running for three days to dry the carpet. SERVPRO did an excellent job. Thanks again to SERVPRO.